The Nugget Chronicles: Curioser and Curiouser

One thing that we’ve loved about Nugget as she’s been growing through the first 6 months of her life is how amazingly curious she is about just about everything. She’s clearly learning, and so much of the world is so incredibly new to her, that her eyes just get drawn to whatever catches her interest at the time. What started out as a fixation with lamps has truly grown to include chandeliers, overhead lights, flashlights, and many more sources of illumination. Of course, so much of her life has taken place in winter, light is a novelty in general. The sun is going to blow her mind.

Before you start assuming that she’s ONLY ever interested in light sources, rest assured that pretty much anything that crosses her view will get a good steady stare. She’s been trying to figure out the dog (which, to be fair, HawtWife and I have been working on that same task for years now), books are fascinating, and, in what was a clear sign that we could start progressing her up the dietary chain, the food eaten by her parents fills her with awe. Nugget’s gaze is working hard to take everything around her in. If she can get her hands onto whatever she’s looking at, all the better, as she can start to associate how something feels with how something looks. It’s part of why bath time has transitioned from something to show disdain for to something to enjoy. Now that she’s figured out splashing is kind of a fun thing (and she can really get a good arc of water if she tries hard enough), the bath is a joy for her.

Naturally, at her age, the ultimate in experiencing something she’s curious about is to try to stick it into her mouth. Now, provided that this is food, or one of her toys where gnawing is acceptable, we’re golden. When she starts reaching for the remote controls, we’re still alright, because the worst thing she could do is somehow get us to watch the Lifetime Network. When she starts reaching for smaller things (like, oh, dice used for gaming, because HawtWife and I enjoy nerding out occasionally). When these moments happen, we turn into something akin to parental ninjas, making sure to move the tiny things well outside of the reach of her (increasingly longer) wingspan. Of course, we’re dealing with a Nugget ninja, and, the moment we look slightly away, she’s inched herself ever closer. It’s kind of like playing keep-away, except that we move something once, she proves that she can’t be completely trusted to leave it be, and we move it again. The end result is generally us giving whatever she’s chasing after to the other parent, who then hides it so she’s no longer got a visual. I’m sure she’s got some other kind of baby tracking device installed on these items, but, well, something else pops into her interest, which gives us a bit of a break.

Meanwhile, Nugget is also curious about people, with the bulk of her curiosity seeming to be devoted not to other people around the same height as HawtWife or myself, but people closer to her size. Sure, she’s cool with adults, but she seems to just have an intrinsic understanding that she can’t do what adults can. Instead, she’ll focus her laser eyes on other babies (and those just recently upgraded). Part of her gaze is clearly just making friends with her peers, which, in the realm of baby, often involves some shrieking, and ends with a headbutt (I firmly believe that the headbutt is baby speak for “We’re cool now”).  As for the rest of what her gaze is taking in? She’s watching her friends display skills that she hasn’t gotten yet. Nugget is actively trying to figure out how to make certain things happen, and is looking to be taught through observation. One very specific moment of this came this past weekend, as she watched one of her friends assume the crawling position, and almost start motoring. Nugget was just in awe, not taking her eyes away, until the point where she started trying to maneuver herself into crawling position as well. She hasn’t quite gotten it yet, and she does have a lot of booty to lift off of the ground, but the way she was watching and trying to emulate her friend was truly amazing to witness.

I know my tune will change as Nugget gets older, but, right now? I am totally on board with her trying to do what her friends are doing. At this particular age, peer pressure might actually be a good thing for her and her development.


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