The Nugget Chronicles: Taking a Trip Pt. 2

So, way back on Tuesday (hey it’s been a long couple of days), I made mention of the fact that Nugget and I were being left all to our lonesome for the first really extended stint. HawtWife was jetting off for work, and leaving us behind for a couple of days. I was admittedly a little concerned over everything, naturally made not at all better by my general worry every time that HawtWife steps onto an airplane, but, ultimately, I figured everything would be just fine. What follows is the recap of our last couple of days together, as Nugget and I forged our little two-person path.

Tuesday Night

This was the first real test. After all, HawtWife had left early in the morning, but Nugget got to get some cuddle time, and a good meal, all before she was left with me. The early morning get-her-ready-and-drop-her-off went swimmingly, even if I did foolishly leave something behind at the daycare (they’re champs, though, and made sure to set it where I could find it again). With Nugget spending the day at her daycare, and me spending my time at the office, we were ready for the nighttime, and whatever it may hold. I pick her up, strap her into her car seat, head home, and discover that she’s decided that falling asleep in the car is the best possible plan. I can roll with that, 100%. While she naps, I did some quick dishes, got the dog all situated, and prepared Nugget’s solid dinner. After all that was done, it was time to wake her up, and get her some food. Somewhat unsurprisingly, she took down all of the food offered. Clearly, a good eater, and one that wasn’t going to let anything delicious like peas go to waste (I’ve argued with her about the deliciousness of peas, but she doesn’t seem to agree with my logic).

Anyway, dinner all taken care of, we settled down on the couch. She’d had a busy day, and was clearly ready for a nap, so I figured that our usual weekend positioning (random sporting event on the television, baby on daddy’s chest) would work out. And, for about 15 minutes, it did. Then, with a start, Nugget woke up, clearly upset, and clearly wanting to get comfort from HawtWife. This lasted for about an hour before I could get her calm enough to take a little bit of milk. She choked it down (not because she wasn’t hungry, but because it’s hard to eat while crying), and was gearing up to go nuclear all over again. Admittedly a bit frazzled, I set her down in her rocker, so that she could watch the hockey game. If I’d had any doubts about her parentage before, they were immediately erased, because watching hockey completely calmed her down, got her giggling and smiling again, and basically saved both of our mental states. The game ended, more milk was consumed, and it was time for sleep.

And an epic sleep it was. Nugget basically went down at around 10:30, and she didn’t wake up again until a little after 7 the next morning. Even that wake-up was because I was basically starting to get her ready for daycare. Somewhat surprised that she hadn’t woken up throughout the night, and even more surprised that she wasn’t perturbed in the slightest, I got her dressed, gave her some breakfast milk, and got her off to daycare, knowing full well that she and I would have a little time alone before HawtWife returned.

You know how sometimes you get those premonitions about events? Well, I should have listened to mine, and set extra milk in the fridge to start the thawing process. See, every time HawtWife heads off to the Big Apple, her return home is delayed. This time, her initial flight was completely canceled (winter weather has a tendency to do that). That meant that, instead of getting home at night, HawtWife wasn’t getting back home until the next morning. This naturally lead to some more panic on my part. After all, Nugget had clearly been wanting her mom to cuddle with. I was terrified that we were going to get home, and experience a meltdown the likes of which neither of us had experienced quite yet, and that it would last all night long. This was fueled by my own forgetfulness and some minor mishaps around the daycare drop off (not screwing a milk bottle top on fully is part of that list), even though I knew Nugget would be fine for the day. It was the night I was concerned about.

Clearly, I shouldn’t have been. When Nugget and I got home last night, she again took her post-ride nap. Not only did I get everything ready for her dinner, washed the dishes, and took care of the dog, but I even had time to get myself fed before she woke up. She roused herself from sleep, I gave Nugget her dinner (she ate with even more gusto than the night previous, which I didn’t think was possible), and we settled in for an evening together, all while I was sort of waiting for a freak-out to happen. Truth be told, I was waiting for a freak-out that never came. The closest moment came when I had to let the dog outside, and set a bottle to prepare. Nugget took that opportunity to catch another quick nap, and only woke up cranky because she was hungry. The rest of the night passed without a hitch. She fell asleep this time around 9:30, and woke up at around 5:45 to get some food before dipping back into dreamland. Another morning of delivering her to daycare, followed by the message that HawtWife had landed back at home, made everything golden.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was a little worried over how I would do without HawtWife around. I was even more worried about how Nugget would take it all. All of those worries were misplaced, as, aside from that one moment on Tuesday night, Nugget and I got along pretty darned good. Maybe I’m alright at this parenting thing.

Besides, any kid that’s willing to watch hockey is pretty darned okay in my book.

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