The Nugget Chronicles: Taking a Trip Pt. 1

Today marks a new moment for both Nugget and myself in our little journey together through this crazy thing called life. See, today, for the first time since Nugget was born, HawtWife is off and in a different city for her job. This isn’t the first time that Nugget has been left alone with only one parent being out of town, but it IS the first time that it’s only with dear old dad to watch her. On the plus side, most of this trip will be eaten up by Nugget being in her daycare environment. On the downside, Nugget is going to be left with the parent who not only cannot produce her favorite food in the preferred manner, but the one who, when they do fall asleep, takes a whole heck of a lot to get woken up.

Needless to say, these next couple of days promise to be interesting. Generally, after a day with her friends and helpers, Nugget is all about seeing HawtWife. I get this, because I’m ALSO all about seeing HawtWife. But, alas, for the next two days, when Nugget and I return home, there will be nothing but a stinky dog to greet us (we like the dog, too, but she’s no replacement for HawtWife). So there’s that moment of adjustment right there, coupled with the fact that, generally, comfort food is provided right away to the darling baby girl. Now, I can provide her with her dinner, but it’s going to take a little longer, and it’s going to force her to embrace the path of the bottle. After all, if she doesn’t she’s going to be very hungry.

On the plus side, we do have a pretty darned Zen baby, so odds are actually pretty good that nothing majorly stressful will come out of this. Besides, parents do this kind of stuff all the time, and HawtWife did it while Nugget was a much tinier person. I’ve totally got this, and, if I’ve learned anything during football season, all I really need to do is turn some sporting event on in the background, settle Nugget against my chest, and she’ll be taking a good nap before you can blink.

So yes, it might not seem like much, but it’s a little bit of a test, and I’m always a little worried when HawtWife is away on business, because I’m kind of paranoid about travel in general, and travel without me in specific. Stay tuned, and come back on Thursday for a recap of how the next couple of days go. Everything’ll be fine, and, if not, hopefully there’s at least a really funny story coming out of it.

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