The Nugget Chronicles: Most Important Meal

So what, exactly, is the most important meal of the day? If you’re like most people, your answer is probably breakfast. After all, it’s typically the first meal, and it generally has all the nutritional building blocks to get you through the start of your day. Some people think it’s the evening meal, because it’s a chance to unwind from everything that your day contained, and to do so generally with something a little more substantial than what you could eat at lunch.

And then there’s Nugget. Now, if you adopt the belief that breakfast is ALWAYS the first meal of the day, then you’re probably fine, and might actually be jiving with her way of thinking. However, if you hold on to the belief that breakfast is generally constrained to the morning hours, well, that’s where there’s a bit of an issue. See, since Nugget has been getting to eat solid foods at home, she’s also had the opportunity to explore that particular tactile and nutritional sensation at her daycare.

That is, of course, when she doesn’t sleep right through it.

Welcome to another of Nugget’s little oddities. She’ll sleep great during the day, whether it’s daycare or home, but at night, she’ll generally wake up every hour or so. And before you suggest that we just keep her up for longer spans of time during the day, please understand that we have taken that measure, and she greets us with her Zen-like “this is the role I have chosen” expression, stays awake, and then continues to get restless sleep during the night, with frequent wake-ups. On one hand, it’s adorable. On the other hand, it’s kind of hard to keep up with her, when all either of her parents really hope to do is to get an uninterrupted 3-hour chunk of sleep. And on the third hand, for all of you people working on growing them, her sleep patterns have made it hard for her daycare providers to give her that solid meal that she’s slated for in the morning.

I mean, it’s not like they’re going to keep the food around for the kids after all the others have eaten. They don’t have the luxury that HawtWife and I do, which is to just push back her feeding times. They’ve got a schedule, and, well, if a baby wants to sleep through meal time, then that baby is just going to have to deal with the fact that they didn’t get to mush pureed fruit around their mouth. Besides, solid food is still new for her, so she’ll clearly just supplement with milk.

Yeah, about that. See, there have been a few days where Nugget’s morning nap (brought on clearly by not sleeping long enough at night) has actually led to her missing an entire scheduled feeding. In fact, at least once, they clearly had to let a full bottle go to waste, because they’d taken the time to warm it up, thinking that Nugget was about to bring herself to consciousness, only to be foiled by the sleep monster.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that she’s getting sleep, and, clearly, she isn’t in any danger of starving. I do wish that she would get to experience solid foods more often, because when she has them for dinner, she clearly loves everything about them. There are no complaints about flavor, the spoon thing looks super fun, and it’s way easier to make a mess with the solid food than it is with milk. So really, Nugget is just sleeping through opportunity.

If this continues when she’s older, she’ll love that plenty of restaurants serve breakfast ALL the time. Hopefully as much as she currently loves giving herself an applesauce beard.

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