The Nugget Chronicles: Sharing is Caring

One thing I will definitely commend the Nugget on already is her attitude towards sharing. She’s a big fan of it right now. This may not hold true down the road, but, at present, she just LOVES sharing. Whether she’s looking to share her mucus-covered hand with either of her parents, her saliva-dripping toy with the dog, or her sneezes with anything that happens to get near her, she’s become a huge fan of sharing.

To be clear, she’s sharing positive things, too. She’s definitely interested in sharing cuddles and giggling, and she’s more than happy to spread smiles around her. It’s just that, as of late, it seems to be her germy side that’s getting around the most, being passed from person to person (alright, technically from Nugget to HawtWife to me, or Nugget to me to HawtWife). The dog’s avoided it for the most part, but I attribute that to her strong constitution garnered through a lifetime of eating (and coughing back up) grass, and the fact that she’s a dog, and doesn’t tend to really get human illnesses. Which, I’m sure, is making Nugget a little frustrated, because how is she supposed to share all of these wonderful mucus-y things she’s discovered with everyone if not everyone is interested (technically, the dog IS interested, but has been informed of a fairly strict “don’t lick the baby in the face” policy).

While these past couple of weeks (last week with the sickness that kept her home, and this week with her feeling that I was clearly breathing too regularly) have certainly been an experience, it’s one I wouldn’t give up for the world. I know that kids are little germ bombs, waiting to go off at the drop of a hat, and yet, the sicker they tend to be in their early days (as long as it’s nothing overly serious), the healthier they tend to be in life. It’s just my own fault that I clearly wasn’t doing a good job of keeping up with my Illnesses of Childhood punch card. If I had been, then there’s a good chance that I wouldn’t be popping DayQuil like it’s going out of style (which I’m only doing when Nugget can’t see me. I don’t want her to get the wrong impression). Sure, it means that Nugget hasn’t gone out and been as social as we’d like her to be as of late, but hey, we’re trying to make sure that she gets herself all good and healthy before she tackles the next round that is surely gunning for her. And yes, when she’s old enough, I do plan on letting her eat dirt, because I feel as though that’s a right of passage that most kids go through (some wait until their college-aged, and working at Renaissance Festivals).

Through all of this, we’re pretty darned content that our small child, while she is full of all of the mucus, and is having some minor difficulties in breathing that make her snore like a cartoon character, has maintained her good spirits. I can only attribute this to her overall Zen-like view of the world, which I’ve pointed out before.

That, or because she knows that her decision to share everything is going to smack HawtWife or I pretty harshly, and she’s just sitting back and waiting for that moment to happen. And people wonder why some people consider babies to be little criminal masterminds in the making.

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