The Nugget Chronicles: Keep Rolling

Before we had our recent bout with a feverish, sick baby, I had something else in mind entirely for this little corner of my blog (which, since it fills at bare minimum 40% of my posts, is probably more like the living room of my blog). See, instead of writing about helping Nugget through her first sickness, there was a recent turn of events (pun potentially intended) that was going to be the focus on Tuesday. Now, since she’s feeling much better, and hasn’t forcefully ejected her stomach contents in almost 18 whole hours, I’m going to go back to that subject.

In fact, let’s step back further. Not just to Tuesday, but to the event that prompted what I thought was going to be Tuesday’s writing. I consider myself pretty lucky, as I’ve got the ability to work from home on Mondays and Fridays. These days give me an opportunity to spend some more time with Nugget. True, I’m also doing all sorts of work stuff, but just being able to be in the same room with her, being responsible for her feedings and diaper changes, and being there to comfort her when she’s upset about something is a truly wonderful thing for me. It’s also what allowed me to capture the particular moment in question, even if it wasn’t full.

See, last Friday, I had set Nugget down on her playmat. You know, those things where babies are flat on the floor, generally looking up and reaching towards something dangling in front of their face. Nugget has loved being on that thing since the first time she experienced it, which was within about a week of coming home from the hospital. On Friday, she was contentedly cooing away, trying to figure out how to get the dangly bits into her hands, and, subsequently, into her mouth. After all, when you’re just past five months, clearly the most important sense in the world is taste, and everything must be put through that filter. Suddenly, she stopped cooing and making the cute noises. I looked over, and Nugget is flat on her face. And I mean FLAT on her face, arms pinned beneath her.

Now I know that I set her down on her back. She’s been getting onto her side recently (in fact, that’s her preferred way to sleep right now), but she’d never been able to cross over completely. I do notice that there’s something she can grab and maybe use to pull herself over, so I move her (and the playmat) away from these items, flip her onto her back, and return to the business of working. Again, a short while later, her cooing stops, and she’s back flat on her stomach. I flipped her onto her back a third time, and it took even less time than the first two attempts before she was face-down, this time with both arms free to help her out, should she decide that it’s time to work on her sprinter’s stance.

The first times that she’s rolled from front-to-back (generally thought of as the “easy way”), I was out of town, so naturally I chose not to believe HawtWife, even though she had video evidence to support her claims. Now here I was, telling HawtWife that Nugget had rolled the “hard way”, and not only did I not have any video, but I hadn’t actually witnessed the event itself, just the aftermath, each time. Thankfully, because HawtWife is a better person than I am, and certainly more trusting of the claims about our daughter, she not only believed me, but she started working out how we could get Nugget to replicate this feat. Eventually she did, and video was captured.

It’s only been a little over five months, and I already have a child that can decide whether she wants to be on her stomach, or on her back, and can adjust herself to suit whichever desire fills her at that moment. She isn’t quite mobile yet (as long as you don’t count inching around to find just the exact right angle to be touching both Mommy and Daddy as mobile. I don’t, because she clearly learned that trick from our dog, who does her best to be not mobile at all times), but she’s clearly getting closer. It’s almost to the point where we can’t take our eyes off of her. Soon enough, she’ll be crawling, pulling herself into a standing position, and asking to do all of the outdoor winter activities that I’ve carefully been shying away from.

The fun’s just starting. We’re certainly in for one hell of a ride.


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