The Nugget Chronicles: I’ve Got a Fever

This morning, Nugget had another first. This time, it was a first we were really hoping we could hold off on for a bit longer, but that’s largely because no parent wants to see their child suffering. Truth be told, if we’d paid attention to the warning signs over the weekend, we probably would have been able to see this coming, but we kept hoping for the best, and, this morning, Nugget juked away from “best”, landing straight in the belly of “fever”.

See, for the past couple of days, we’ve noticed that Nugget’s congested nose has gotten a little worse. Truth be told, from the sounds of it, her nasal passages have been experiencing almost D.C.-level gridlock. She’s clearly been able to breathe, it’s just that every inhalation and exhalation is in the vicinity of 3 quadrillion times louder than normal. Even while sleeping (the poor thing has picked up the worst sleep mannerisms of both parents), which has given us a handy way of ensuring that she IS in fact, sleeping, and not doing her best zombie impression. She’s also had a wet, nasty cough, clearly distressing to her (and us, even if it is both heartbreaking AND adorable at the same time). These things naturally combined to give her a bit of a sore throat, which made eating all sorts of adventurous, and gave her cry (which, due to discomfort, has been more present lately) a sort of Scarlett Johansson throatiness.

Even with all of that, we really thought she was starting to get better. To be sure, HawtWife did check Nugget’s temperature, and everything seemed fine (a little warm, but nothing to be alarmed about). Now, to be clear, there are two main ways to check a baby’s temperature. Either there’s a drastic change between those two locations, or somehow HawtWife didn’t quite get the placement right the first time, but, this morning, Nugget not only decided to forcefully eject everything she’d eaten all over herself, HawtWife, and the kitchen floor, but when checked for her temperature again (shortly after the first check), she was sitting over 100 degrees. Not much over, but certainly enough to be concerning, especially for first time parents that haven’t dealt with fevers or anything like that before.

So now we’ve got a sick little Nugget on our hands. She’s still in relatively good spirits (except when she gets a tickle in her throat), has been fairly active (when she isn’t sleeping off what I’m sure she believes is a death plague), and has eaten what seems to be a fairly regular amount (naturally, I’m waiting for Young Faithful to go off again, but, if she’s really being that “faithful”, it will clearly lead to the more standard diaper situation). We’re keeping an eye on her, and making sure that she’s staying hydrated and getting rest, but, well, we’re naturally just a little bit concerned.

On the plus side, though, she made sure to get this little bug on a day where the roads are terrible. Maybe she just didn’t want either of us to have to drive.


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