The Nugget Chronicles: Do Me a Solid

Now, the title for this post might be a little misleading. After all, you very well could be finding yourself thinking about one of the common conversation topics that parents engage in. But I’m not doing that this time around. After all, this isn’t some little 2-bit operation here. Well, it is, but I’m not going to spend the entirety of today’s post talking about what Nugget has been creating. There are plenty of other posts and places for that (for example, other posts on this very blog!). No, instead, today is about another one of Nugget’s little developmental breakthroughs.

She’s starting to eat solid food.

Well, maybe “solid” is a bit of a misnomer. After all, what she’s truly eating largely has the consistency of a really runny gruel. It may come in a wide variety of phenomenal shades (the better to make patterns when sneezing), but it’s not much thicker than paint. This makes perfect sense, as Nugget a) doesn’t have any teeth yet, and b) is still figuring out that she can get her nutrients from something other than milk. So we’ve been working with her, bringing a wider variety of tastes to her experience in this life. Actually, HawtWife has been doing most of the work with Nugget. I’ve been there as a cheerleader, rooting my baby girl on (even though I really don’t have the legs for a cheerleader skirt). For the most part, she’s been taking to this new development like a champ, and has clearly been excited about time in her high chair, for reasons other than being able to sit up more regularly.

We’ve also been making a point of changing things up along the way, so that she doesn’t get the same food over and over and over again. We’d really like to make sure that her diet contains more variety than her father’s, at least with regards to his lunch time. After all, while pretty much the same meal on endless repeat can be somewhat comforting, it can also lead to a sort of mind-numbing boredom that one shouldn’t experience when thinking about food. So, to combat this, we’ve been presenting Nugget with a bit of variety for her meals. She’s been getting some basic rice cereal for every one, partially because we know that she’s got no issues with attacking it, and it’s a good bridge food to help supplement the rest of these practice sessions. As for the rest, we’ve been making sure to get her vegetables, and we’ve started her on a little fruit. The only thing that she’s had any real issue with so far has been sweet potato, not because she didn’t want to devour it, but because her system may not be ready for beta carotene yet (surprise surprise, babies need a little time before adjusting to orange foods… guess that just means she’ll have to wait even longer for Cheetos). Everything else, she’s had no issues with. True, she did have a bit of a confused look on her face with regards to fruit, and it was a look that she hadn’t really shown when chowing down on vegetables, but every bowl is progress.

I mentioned how it’s “practice” right now, and, in all honesty, that’s exactly what it is at the start. Sure, we’re trying to get Nugget to the point where she starts relying more on foods served to her with an adorable little spoon, so that she can lean less on HawtWife for all the eating, and it’s been working, but we clearly can’t flip that switch completely yet. For one thing, when she’s hungry, she’s still predominantly hungry for what she’s been used to over these past five months, and waiting just a little while for us to get her solid foods ready is not going to fly. For another, these are very new concepts and ingredients for her system, and it’s going to take a little while before her insides get used to the fact that her belly isn’t always going to be sloshing around with liquid. We also have to keep in mind that, just because she’s doing a great job eating everything we present her right now (and usually in larger quantities than we had a right to expect), it doesn’t mean that she’s going to always be this way.

And yes, it feels a little early for us to be working the solid food angle with Nugget, but she’s been holding herself up for a while now, and she’s shown a clear interest in what we’re eating, both signs that can indicate it’s time to start experimenting with foods. At the rate that Nugget’s been progressing, it won’t be too long before we can start working her motor skills, teaching her how to grasp foods for chewing, or to use a utensil to feed herself.

Maybe we should work on the whole “not sneezing with your mouth full” thing first. Because that’s how we got pear everywhere last night.


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