The Nugget Chronicles: Grasping at Everything

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been noticing a couple of things about Nugget. The first is that she is burdened with what is seemingly a perpetual stuffed nose, which, combined with the apparent teething she’s going through, means that she’s lucky to be getting more than a couple of hours of sleep before she wakes up again. The second, and what I’m going to write about, is the fact that she has been reaching out and grabbing at things more. Often with exuberance, but, even without, there’s still that grabbing reaction, which means that we’ve already entered the phase where we need to keep things like hair, sweatshirt strings, and the dog’s tail out of her immediate reach. Y’know, unless we’re okay with a yelping dog while we’re simultaneously choked and plucked bald.

Of course, depending on how she’s feeling about what she’s grabbing for, Nugget has a couple of different ways of going about it. Sometimes, she’ll realize it’s a toy that she just wants to play with, which means that both arms go straight towards the toy, her mouth makes a bit of an “ooo” sound, and she watches it with amazing focus. If she thinks it’s potentially fun to chew, and she wants to chew at that EXACT MOMENT, not only do the arms fly up, but her mouth opens wide, and, if she can, she’ll lunge after the item, impersonating a tiny little velociraptor. And, if she’s only got a passing interest at that time, or she’s feeling a little tired, she’ll lazily throw one hand in the general direction, maybe dancing her fingers along whatever we’re offering her before it rests on her chest, or falls to her feet. Of course, when she’s got a good grip on something, she’s then doing a lot of practicing how to reposition it, turn it around, push it away from her only to immediately pull it back, etc. It’s fascinating to watch her mind working through these things, as to see the intense concentration that crosses her face.

Throughout all of this, there is something that HawtWife and I have noticed about our little Nugget. She presently seems to be doing a lot of her grasping, and almost all of her manipulating, with her left hand. Not to say that the right hand isn’t doing anything. There are definitely days where good ol’ righty is just as involved with the objects as lefty, but it seems to largely be relegated to second fiddle in the grand scheme of things. Clearly, because she isn’t even 6 months old yet, it might be a little early to start assigning any sort of handedness to Nugget, but, if she keeps leaning the way that she’s already started, then it’s entirely possible that we’ve got a southpaw on our hands (pun probably not intended).

If this turns out to be the case, she’s got a great time ahead of her. Not only will she often be frustrated by scissors, but she’ll regularly have to get used to have smudges on her hands while she’s writing (the younger she is, the less this will bother her). Smartphone screens will be cantered just a LITTLE off from her natural movement (since they’re presently cantered slightly for righties missing the keys by small margins). She’ll learn the joy that is being very careful about where she sits at a table, so as to not bump elbows with her fellow diners. And that’s just the stuff I can think off of the type of my head (to be fair, I’m right-handed, so I lack a bit of perspective).

All that said, I think it’d be pretty cool if she does turn out to be left-handed. We need more left-handed people in the world. Otherwise, the whole place would just get dominated with everyone always catering to righties, and then anyone who happened to be left-handed (or ambidextrous) would be left out in the cold. Besides, Nugget’s got some pretty cool left-handed role models in her life that will be able to help her navigate the pitfalls and problems that come with preferring a hand that isn’t the usual for society.

This all gets thrown out the window if she decides to write with her toes. But I’m sure we can make that work, as well.


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