The Nugget Chronicles: Baby New Year

Okay, so maybe that title is a little misleading. After all, it’s not like Nugget was born on New Year’s Eve or anything (if she had been, I’d be even more impressed by the fact that she’s wearing 2T pants today, and the moniker “Nugget” wouldn’t really work). But, after the excitement that was Christmas, Nugget got to experience her first ever New Year’s.

I know, I know. Right now, everything is new for her. She hasn’t really gotten a handle on the passage of time in general, so ticking the calendar over from December to January just isn’t that big of a deal for her. Or, at least, you wouldn’t think so. Maybe it was the fact that we had some company over to ring in the start of 2014, or maybe it was the fact that HawtWife had a little (okay, a lot) too much sugar over the course of the night, but Nugget got to see 2014 start. She rang it in right along with us, and she did get her obligatory midnight smooches (truth be told, as her parents we give her lots of smooches, so she probably didn’t think anything of the fact that we were both there in quick succession, attacking her chubby cheeks). The best part? As our friends quickly pointed out (along with the “she’s so much bigger than we thought” commentary), she wasn’t upset or crying, even though she was clearly overstimulated and far more tired than she thought she was letting on.

See, one of the things that Nugget has done, which is absolutely amazing in the realm of most people, in general, let alone the realm of babies, is that she tends to be very accepting of her situations. HawtWife and I joke that she’s incredibly zen about everything, but it’s somewhat true. Nugget will put herself into situations that will, at the very least, be somewhat uncomfortable for her. Instead of crying about it, she tends to realize that this is the decision she’s made, and that she’s going to have to live with the consequences. Then she goes about her business, whatever it happens to be (as of late, it’s been trying to put her mouth on just about every surface in the house). Looking back to her bottle strike, she was a little upset and let the tears fly because she was hungry, but she was also fairly content to get just enough milk into her belly to take the edge off, and then she would fall asleep, just running with the assumption that mom would be home with the good stuff before too long. Now, over the last couple of days, she’s made a clear decision that says “I’m going to stay awake a bit later than you were expecting, and I’m not going to nap as much as you’d hoped”, and yes, there are some crying fits, but nothing in comparison to what we expected. If it’s true that second children tend to be polar opposites of the firstborn, then, clearly, we’re doomed to have a child that cries all of the time, even when things are going exactly in their favor.

Besides, when you’re just a little baby, and you’re watching people play Cards Against Humanity, you’re going to make a point of having fun. I’m still pretty sure that Nugget helped her mom get a couple of points.


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