The Nugget Chronicles: Looking Back on 2013

It’s the final day of 2013. Another 365 have come and gone, and we’re about to tick over on the calendar, starting out 2014 with fresh hopes, new dreams, or, at least, shiny, unfilled boxes underneath a picture of our property of choice. Personally, this has been a pretty amazing year. Not to say that everything was sunshine and rainbows, but, when you’re blessed with a new, adorable baby, you’ve got a pretty good thing going.

So yes, for 2013, the entire year pretty much revolved around Nugget. More so for HawtWife than for me, because, well, I wasn’t the one carrying the bundle of joy, but I got a little bit of living vicariously during this whole time. I also got a LOT of eating non-vicariously… pregnant women don’t actually eat for two. From my observations, they eat for slightly less than one, but cook for four, and after getting part-way through, decide that they can’t possibly stomach what’s in front of them. Well, I wasn’t going to let the food go to waste, and those starving kids in China would have just gotten a box of rotten leftovers, so I jumped on that bullet. A lot. As the summer ticked by, we just kept waiting, especially since Nugget seemed to not really be in any sort of rush to show up. Heck, we thought we’d see her in July, and she waited all the way until August (at that point in a pregnancy, one week seems a LOT longer than it normally does).

Over the past five months, we’ve slowly gotten to know this new individual sharing our house with us. We’ve watched her barely fit into 3-month clothing (because it was too small for her) to barely fit into 18-month clothing (because it’s too small for her). We’ve seen our Nugget continue to hulk out of more than just clothing, as toys and activities are flashing through her experience pretty fast. Not that she doesn’t find herself interested in these things again, just that we have to make sure to give a fairly constant stream of different activities, so that she doesn’t get bored. We’ve watched her little personality step forward. If these first few months are any indication, she’s going to be a kind, caring individual, and, well, she’s going to be a little bit of a flirt (after all, look at her parents). We’ve discovered the joys of baby physics, and seen her go from being incredibly fragile to incredibly strong. And now, we’re getting the joy of watching a child go through their first teething experience, which, all things considered, she’s taking incredibly well. A little sleep-deprived, but well.

It just makes me wonder what the next year is going to hold, and it fills me with so much excitement. By this point next year, Nugget will have truly experienced Christmas for the first time, having gained an understanding of the fat man in the red suit. She’ll be speaking and walking and, by all indications, running. She’ll have favorite foods, and we’ll be using those foods as bribes to get her to eat foods she isn’t as fond of. And she’s just going to keep taking this journey; a journey of exploration, discovery, and, hopefully, fun. 2013 gave us a little person to join our family, and I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds.

Besides, at her current growth rate, it’s only a couple more years before she’s taller than I am.


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