The Nugget Chronicles: Her First Noel

Welcome to December 26th! That, of course, means that yesterday, in many houses across the globe, there were Christmas celebrations going on. My house is certainly no different, as we helped Nugget celebrate her first Christmas ever. Sure, you may be thinking that an almost-five-month-old wouldn’t really get into Christmas, and you’d probably be right, but we certainly wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate with her. It’ll be the last time where we can have a relatively quiet little holiday celebration, most likely (I anticipate lots of toys that make noise in our future).

I’ve got to admit, though. For not really having a concept of what this whole Christmas thing is, Nugget did a great job building up anticipation. One would think that a baby dealing with a head cold would try and sleep more, or at least more frequently. Nugget, on the other hand, decided that sleeping was for suckers, starting on Tuesday night. She stayed up later than normal, and was awake more frequently. To compound things, she then spent the vast majority of Christmas Day deciding that naps were pretty darned lame, and she just wanted to be paid attention to. Now, clearly, HawtWife and I have no issues with paying attention to our daughter. I mean, even if she wasn’t as cute as she is, we’d want to cuddle with her. That said, there are times when things need to get done, and holding a squirmy infant just isn’t helping anyone accomplish those tasks.

On to the gifts! Again, Nugget doesn’t really have a grasp of this Christmas thing yet, so we didn’t go overboard for her. Clothes (lot of clothes, since she’s growing out of those made for 18-month-old children already… silly HulkBaby), and yes, a couple of stuffed toys for her to cuddle with. One was a blue elephant, that certainly made her eyes light up. It also apparently made her mouth water, because as soon as she got her hands on it, she tried to shove the entire thing in her mouth. It’s bigger than she is, but I’m confident that, given enough time, she would have found a way to make it work. We also had Nugget help unwrap a gift with Daddy, since it’s something for both of us. When she got a hold of the wrapping paper, and it caught her attention, she was certainly willing to help. But, as is generally the case in our house, something more interesting was happening elsewhere, her eyes were drawn away, and Daddy was left doing all of the hard work while Nugget stared (probably at that darned lamp again).

All in all, it was an enjoyable little holiday for our household, made even more enjoyable by southern family popping in for a couple of visits. Watching Nugget attempt to play with her cousin (at this point, “play” seems to be trying to start a game of “I’ve got your eye”), was adorable, and seeing the oldest cousin as he slowly transitions into the next phase of his life was pretty magic. I can honestly say that I’m already looking forward to next year.

Now, anyone got any good leads on noise-making toys, and headphones for parents?


One thought on “The Nugget Chronicles: Her First Noel

  1. Headphones is right! Some of those toys are loud and annoying. 😛

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