The Nugget Chronicles: Have Yourself a Merry Little Snorfle

I promise, an actual holiday post will be coming. It just seemed a little premature to write about Nugget’s first Christmas when she hasn’t really had it yet. So that’s something to look forward to (or avoid, if that’s your thing). So instead, I’m going to talk about the fact that Nugget has been pretty snorfly as of late.

For those wondering, yes, snorfly is a technical term. It may not be commonplace yet, but it should be. After all, it fairly well describes what’s going on. See, last week, HawtWife and I were laid low with a 24-hour flu bug, and somehow, miracle of miracles, Nugget completely avoided catching it (something we cannot be thankful enough for, because it was pretty terrible for adults who knew what to expect). And yet, it seems that we didn’t make it completely in the clear. Late last week, Nugget decided to bring home a little present from her daycare (aside from the adorable “Mistletoes” ornament, but we’re clearly biased). Nugget brought home a case of the snorfles.

Basically, picture yourself a fairly basic head cold. The runny nose, the stuffy eyes, the difficulty in breathing. The type of illness that can usually be knocked out with a little cold medicine. Unless, of course, you’re an infant. And it’s the first time you’ve really had to deal with your nose being completely plugged. We’ve been trying to teach Nugget how to blow her nose, but she keeps deciding that the tissues are for eating, which kind of defeats the purpose. Instead, we’re making due as we can, and dealing with a baby full of mucus (she’s clearly got some sort of extradimensional sinus area to go along with her Tardis bladder). This is making sleep harder on her, naturally, because her breathing is being interrupted. So, along with the sniffles and the sneezing, we’ve got an overly tired Nugget, coupled with one that snores when she does fall asleep. It’s fairly adorable, but hopefully she won’t have to deal with it for too much longer.

And that brings me to one of the oddest little pieces of evolution, specifically between a baby and it’s mother. See, Nugget has noticed that she got the snorfles, and HawtWife was not really dealing with them. So, to pass along her germs, Nugget has been taking to sticking her hands into HawtWife’s mouth on a semi-regular basis. Apparently this isn’t just a cute baby thing that happens, but it’s a way for the child to pass germs to mom, so that mom can get sick, fight it off, and pass the antibodies back to the child. It’s a little germy circle of life, but nobody’s writing catchy music for Nathan Lane to sing about it.

So here we sit, on Christmas Eve, with one snorfly baby, and one pseudo-snorfly HawtWife. Good thing I’m making a chili for dinner. That should clear up some sinuses right quick.


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