The Nugget Chronicles: Blinded With Science

This past Saturday was a big day for Nugget. Not only did she get to go to her first wedding (which meant her first time wearing a floofy ruffle-y dress), but she started that day out on a very interesting foot. No, not the foot that’s she’s currently working on seeing exactly how it tastes. Not like that, at least (that talent’s a little newer than Saturday). What Nugget’s day started out with was a trip to a museum.

Now you may be blinking, scratching your head, or wondering just what on earth would possess parents to take their barely-beyond 4-month-old to a museum. But wait, this is a SCIENCE museum. It even says so in it’s name! And, well, as was pointed out a few times, babies are scientists. They’re always experimenting and learning, trying to discover things. True, many of their discoveries have already been found by others, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get the thrill of making that discovery for themselves. Just ask any parent who’s been alerted to their adorable child’s darling, precious shrieks in the middle of the night, all because the baby found a new way to expel air from their mouth (parents are, by default, obliged to refer to these moments in the most glowing, cutesy ways possible, because it keeps us from leaving the child on a doorstep).

So, anyway, our little family got all bundled up to head to the Science Museum, to go look at stuff, and learn with friends. Now, it’s definitely true that she didn’t really get a whole lot of the exhibits (I’m sure she thought the Maya stuff was just a bunch of new lights and sounds, which, while cool, didn’t really compare to her favorite lights and sounds from around the house), but she was definitely observing. Watching. Her tiny little eyes peering intently at everything she could get within her visual acuity. If she’d been able to get closer to the exhibits, I’m sure she would have wanted to see how they hold up to saliva.

Now part of the trip was to help celebrate the birthday of one of HawtWife’s best friends, and part of it was, darnit, WE wanted to go and check out the science. Given that part of this trip was over one of Nugget’s usual naptimes, we figured that there was nothing that could possibly interfere with things. We’d take our time, she’d get some cool visuals, and then she’d nod off for an hour or so while we checked out the exhibits while casually pushing a stroller. Oh, how wrong we were.

See, we forgot that, at this particular stage of her development, she wants to look at ALL THE THINGS. If there’s something she isn’t used to in the corner of her eye (or something she IS used to, just at a different angle than expected), she wants to peer at it, and investigate. And, yes, see how it holds up to saliva. So, instead of Nugget taking her usual late-morning/early-afternoon nap, she was awake the ENTIRE TIME. This bodes well for a future interest in learning, but it meant that we were working on borrowed time. After all, if you miss the window, and delay a nap (or actual bedtime) for too long, that chance is gone, and you might have a small car alarm on your hands, with no way to shut it off. Thankfully, we were able to guess about how long was too long, and before she was completely secured in the car, she was down for the count, barely waking up enough when we got home to be relocated to a different sleeping arrangement.

Moral of the story? Take your kids to museums. Just bring along a sleep mask if you want them to nap at all.


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