The Nugget Chronicles: Checking In (And Out)

Today, Nugget had an exciting day. Not only did she complete her second week of daycare (complete with a winter carnival yesterday, a truly momentous occasion for a four-month-old to completely nap through), but she got picked up by HawtWife shortly after noon so that she could go on a little trip. A trip that, admittedly, she might not have really wanted to go on, but an important one nonetheless. Because today was the day of her four-month check-up.

I’ve mentioned that our alternate name for Nugget is HulkBaby, and that just seems more and more appropriate each passing week. After all, she was a pretty big baby, comparatively speaking, during her two-month appointment (this, of course, following having been a decent size at birth, much to HawtWife’s chagrin). However, when getting weighed and measured this time around, she’s apparently been zooming up the charts, and she’s now sitting prettily in at least the 90th percentile of all three baby-measuring categories (and in the 98th for two of them). Clearly any concern that she might have slowed down, or possibly even taken steps backwards, due to potential stress from starting day care has been pushed aside. Heck, her pediatrician even had to double-check the charts, to make sure it really was Nugget’s four-month, and not her six- or nine-month appointment. Because she’s freaking huge, and is apparently growing like a boy (this explains why she’s about the same size as her male cousin, who is a month older than she is).

Of course, the appointment wasn’t just about getting Nugget weighed, measured, and checking on her over health and progress. It was also about shots. See, we’re taking that crazy perspective that immunizing our child is a good plan. So we’ve been going ahead and doing so, which is a little tricky, because we have to sit fairly idly by, listening to her cry while her delicate skin is punctured, but we’re of the belief that this will be good for her in the long run.


I wasn’t even sure she’d be able to work the chopsticks, but the kid is a champ.

Of course, since she’s still little (again, relatively speaking), the most important thing after these little check-ups is cuddle time with either myself or HawtWife. And we made sure to give that to her in abundance, pointing out how brave she was, and how well-mannered she was (we’re giving her a pass on grabbing her doctor’s stethoscope). After all, I’m much older than the Nugget is, and I’m not even sure that I can handle shots as well as she did. She cried for maybe two minutes, and then was back to her happy, bouncy self.

Now we just have to wait and see if she’ll have any side-effects of the medicine. While there are a lot of things that can happen, if it goes the same way it did last time, she’ll just end up sleeping for the next day and a half, or so. Besides, the more babies tend to sleep, the more they tend to grow.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe Nugget should be awake for more hours of the day. I’m not sure I want her towering over me by the time she’s 5.


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