The Future Is Here

I know, I know, we’ve been living in the future for quite some time now. After all, many of us are walking around, carrying extremely powerful computers in our pockets (said computers are naturally used to play games, surf the internet, and make the occasional phone call). We’ve got cars that can practically drive themselves, which saves people all the trouble of actually learning how to do things like parallel parking. And, thanks to Samsung, we’ve got the ability to finally have our own Dick Tracy-esque two-way wrist communicator.

It’s about time, really. After all, people with a tech bent (also known in some circles as nerds, geeks, or the only people who can fix your computer) have been clamoring for some sort of reproductions of their favorite geeky properties for ages. Think about it. The smartphones that so many of us use are an outgrowth of the types of pocket computers used in sci-fi for ages. Back when flip phones were the bread and butter, it was incredibly common to hear Star Trek communicator sounds associated with them. I can only imagine that, with the new wrist phone things, you’ll not only get the joy of looking super cool (for varying definitions of cool) while talking to your wrist, but you’ll get to do it while battling colorful villains with overly specific nicknames, based entirely on physical descriptions.

Of course, it’s about this point in any sort of future talk where someone (generally either someone thinking that they’re overly clever, or someone who lived through the 50s) starts wondering about their flying cars and jet-packs. Look, we’ve been to other planets, at least to explore. We’ve got technology zooming at a rate many of us can barely comprehend. And our children are bound to live in a world that’s even more high tech and confusing than the one we currently live in. I think it’s safe to say that we don’t desperately need to be able to zoom around the planet without the benefit of airplanes.

Besides, you know that the first thing people would do with a flying car or a jet-pack is that they’d find some way to damage themselves and put it all over the internet. Probably with footage taken from their wrist phone.


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