The Nugget Chronicles: 4 Month Happy Fun Time

Over the weekend, things were clearly changing in the world of Nugget. Given that she just experienced four-month birthday (which is an odd concept, counting birthdays by months, but seems to work while she’s still relatively tiny), we could expect that there would be changes. Of course, keeping with the trend of “Things People Don’t Tell You Until After It Happens”, it’s been a fun learning experience for myself and HawtWife, but we’ve been doing what we can to keep up.

The first big change (and, apologies now to HawtWife, because, yes, I’m going to talk about it again) has lived in the realm of her diaper. Slowly over time, Nugget has been working on being much more ninja-esque in her “movements”, which has lead to some surprises when we thought we just had a little wetness to take care of. Still, most days, her diapers were only messy once per day (twice on the extra special “I got you a present” days). Suddenly, Friday, almost every diaper had looked like the worst finger-painting project ever. And, of course, she’s still got her interest in physics, so it wasn’t always the case that the diapers would be containing the mess, creating that strange situation where the outside of the diaper is filthy, and the inside is still relatively spotless (I stress relatively… the term “spotless” loses a lot of meaning around a baby).

The next big change for Nugget? She’s apparently dealing with her first real cold of the season. This isn’t horribly surprising, as, well, we live in a very cold state. Also, just recently, she was in the car traveling with us for far too many hours, sucking down the recycled air that is the bread-and-butter of the road trip when you aren’t sure if putting the windows down is safe or not. So now, aside from the messy diapers, Nugget also has a good old-fashioned sniffle going on. I’ve tried to teach her how to blow her nose, but she just keeps trying to eat the tissue. I’m resilient though… I’ve broken the dog of this habit. I can do it with Nugget.

Finally, Nugget is having difficulty sleeping. This could be because her nasal passages have decided to become the living room for the Snot family, or it could be tied to her being four months old. Apparently, when babies hit around that point, partially due to their increased interest in the world around them, it becomes more difficult for them to get regular sleep. It’s a phase, and she’ll grow out of it, but it’s certainly making things a little bit touchier for HawtWife and I (admittedly, mostly for HawtWife, because she’s the best comfort available, as well as being Nugget’s all-you-can-eat buffet).

Now all of those things could be very simply stand-alone issues. The extra messiness of the diapers could be tied to a growth spurt that did wonders to her intestines. The lack of sleep could just be the typical 4-month sleep regression. And the rivers and rivers of mucus could just be a cold. Or it could all be tied to teething, which seems to be a little early in the game, but clearly Nugget hasn’t decided to play things by the books thus far.

Or, potentially, Nugget is working on becoming a mutant of some kind. I only hope that she’ll get a cool codename, and a telepathic, wheelchair-bound instructor. I just don’t think Poopy Snotmonster is going to have the right kind of ring to it.


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