The Nugget Chronicles: Family Time

Last week was a big week for our little family. It was the first BIG road trip for Nugget. Sure, we’d taken a drive a couple of hours before, but that’s nothing compared to going all the way across the country, stopping only when needed. After all, in the best of conditions, the drive would’ve taken us around 18 hours, and that assumes that we’ve got someone driving along side of us once in awhile to refuel the car (that didn’t happen, but how awesome would that have been?). So, on a dark, cold Friday night, we packed everything up, and headed south.

First off, leaving on Friday night was awesome. Nugget was entering her normal sleep cycle, which meant that she actually allowed us to put a serious hurt on the mileage to go before she really needed to wake up and be fussy. This was absolutely fantastic, as that meant our stops were mostly getting caffeinated, voiding the fluids from those caffeine-delivery vehicles, and topping off the tank. Heck, Nugget didn’t even really wake up in Kansas, which is for the best, because that state apparently charges you a fee to leave it (truth be told, I would’ve paid double for the honor).

Eventually, we made it safe and sound to family stop number one, where Nugget got to meet her cousins for the first time. Now, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but two infant cousins, only a month apart in age, meeting for the first time is a pretty epic moment. Well, maybe not epic, but it certainly was adorable. Nugget and her slightly-older-than-she-is cousin hit it off great, doing a lot of making faces at each other, having some baby conversation, and only a small amount of attempted head butts. Nugget’s much-older-than-her cousin was also awesome, as he decided that not only was he going to be an awesome older brother, but he was going to be a great older cousin (that is, of course, when he didn’t decide to kidnap his uncle for game time). The house was filled with lots of cooing over adorableness. And, when we went out on the town, other people saw the cute and fawned as well. I also couldn’t stop being amused over the fact that my sister is living in a house full of boys, and I get to live in a house full of ladies (yes, I am using those terms specifically). The best part? The cousins get to see each other again in a little less than a month. By that point, Nugget has a good chance of not just outweighing her cousin, but being taller, too. We’ll just have to see if she keeps pace.

After the interactions with the cousins, Nugget got to spend the rest of her week with the rest of the southern family. Again, she was fawned over, cooed at, and, this time, showered with presents (she doesn’t get the idea of unwrapping the gifts yet, but she did love getting a hold of the shiny paper). HawtWife, apparently tapping into some kitsch from earlier in her own life, decided that the best thing to do with bows from the presents was to stick them all over Nugget, which, to show my kid’s resilience, didn’t seem to bother the baby in the slightest (except when she couldn’t get them into her mouth). And, over the course of the week, HawtWife and I got to even talk with adults about adult things. Our entire conversations didn’t revolve around Nugget’s diapers, or her feeding patterns! Sure, those topics came up (a lot), but they weren’t the only ones! Hooray!

All that said, though, my favorite moments were still the quiet ones. There were a few times where I became the Daddy Pillow, and Nugget passed out hardcore on my chest. I know she was a little overstimulated for much of the trip, but those quiet moments never failed to fill me with so much joy.

Oh, and she also helped a cop realize he was barking up the wrong tree in Oklahoma. Thanks for that, too, Nugget!


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