Re-Generation Gaming

Here we sit, and we’ve fully entered the next generation of video gaming. With the releases last month of the XBox One and the PS4 to go along with the earlier release of the WiiU, we’ve finally got all of the new consoles available from the big three. Sure, there are some new systems coming down the pipe, but the only one that might be able to make a dent in the market is the Steam system, but everyone already seems pretty content to play their Steam games on PC, so who knows if the ability to connect their Steam client to a TV will really be able to affect things.

Personally, this is a dangerous time for me. See, I don’t call myself an early adopter by a long shot, but I definitely have a problem when it comes to video games. I like the new, and the shiny. It’s one of the reasons I still haven’t beaten Demon Souls (the other being that the game is really really painfully difficult, and I get frustrated dying too many times). So when the new systems are available, I start seeing all of the features that I don’t currently have, I see the improvement in graphics (look at the stubble! LOOK AT IT!!), I hear about smarter AI, and I start to salivate.


Okay, so maybe the graphics aren’t THAT much better.

And before you think that this is just something I’ve been experiencing since I had an adult income and could buy my own consoles, my child-like willpower was part of my heavily PC-gaming poor days. I could probably count the number of times I purchased a game only to discover that I needed to upgrade my entire computer, but doing so would probably just make me depressed, and show how little control I truly have in the face of the newest games. Heck, back when you had the opportunity to program your own games in BASIC (and needed to for the system at the time, because you couldn’t get enough cartridges for it), I had a penchant for wanting to get the newest magazine with programming codes, so that I could see what I was missing. It’s why I still have nightmares to this day about missing a piece of punctuation somewhere around line 540.

Thankfully, as mentioned above, I have an adult income now, and, because I married well, I’ve gained the benefit of someone else’s willpower. This means that, now, instead of buying games that I can’t play yet, I just end up getting games that I had a passing interest in, but are totally playable on my current systems. Sure, I’m missing out on some of the free games I’ve got access to because I kick some money towards the manufacturers, but at least I didn’t have to wait out in the cold on Thanksgiving day, all for the chance to see the last console of preference bought out from under my nose (admittedly, trying to smell them isn’t the best shopping strategy I could employ).

So, while plenty of people are out there, experimenting with all of the features the newest generation in gaming has to offer, I’ll just be over here, playing some of the great games that were released on the old generation. After all, since the manufacturers keep changing the hardware, and nothing is backwards compatible, it’s probably the only chance I’ve got to finish some of these games.

Besides, if I wait long enough, they’ll program some sort of Doctor Who regeneration thing into the consoles, so that, when a new one is ready, your old system just converts in glowing light. Sure, you’ll lose a bunch of stuff in the process, but who wouldn’t want to have the ability to play with their XSmith, or their TennantStation?


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