The Nugget Chronicles: Stuffed Full of Thanks

Today was Nugget’s first ever Thanksgiving. I don’t really know if she’s gotten the concept of the day quite yet, but she’s certainly getting to enjoy the time with family. Mind you, HawtWife and I need to take advantage of the whole “enjoying family time” while it lasts, because eventually, Nugget will be a teenager, and be cranky that she’s still being asked to sit at the children’s table. But for now, she’s certainly been having fun getting to meet new people, getting fawned over, and being asked to wade through stories that might or might not have a basis in truth.

Now, not only was this Nugget’s first Thanksgiving, but it was my first Turkey Day with a little one directly in my life. I’d been an uncle for a few years, but I hadn’t had a lot of experience having a little one around, at least not since I was a little one myself. There are a few things I’ve certainly noticed as being different than in Thanksgivings past.

1. I didn’t eat to the point of bursting.

This was a difficult thing for me, because, well, it’s a holiday that has been firmly entrenched in my head as being about gluttony and sloth. I love good food, and there was certainly plenty of it to go around. However, because I actually wanted to be able to get up and move should Nugget need me to, I didn’t eat excessively. Instead, I’ll just be able to have many more rounds of leftovers than I would have otherwise.

2. No drinking.

I’ve never been one to drink excessively just because it’s a holiday. In fact, for the most part, I don’t drink excessively period. I mean, I’ve still got some beer left over from what HawtWife and I had our housewarming party quite a while ago. We’re just not big drinkers, although we’ve certainly had our moments. In previous years, Thanksgiving was one of those days where, along with the meal, it was just a good idea to drink a little more than would be advisable, should one be driving later. However, for this year’s turkey day, the hardest beverage I’ve imbibed is Dr Pepper. I know, I know, living the wild life.

3. No dessert.

To be clear, I’m not suddenly swearing off sugar and things like that. It’s just that we haven’t had dessert yet, and, because I now have a child, I feel like I should present a good example by NOT being the first person to dive into the delicious pies/cakes/cookies/etc that are set out. Truth be told, I’m totally going to be gorging myself on dessert in a bit, but I’ve been so very good so far. I’ve only had seven gummi bears so far today, too. Look at my willpower!

4. Sports on TV.

I know it’s probably a bad parenting thing, but there are times where Nugget just wants to stare at what we refer to as “shiny box” (this term is also used for phones, tablets, and drive-thru talkboxes that she can see). I’ve already got the syndrome where, if there’s some sort of competition around a score and some sort of ball thing, I’m prone to stopping the channel surfing. Now that Nugget is around, it’s admittedly easy to leave on a football game for hours and hours (and hours) on end, without really being all that concerned about the content that she’ll be taking in. Besides, she’s barely spending any actual time watching the TV, as she’s mostly being entertained, played with, fed, changed, or set down for a nap.

5. Since waking up this morning, I didn’t take a nap.

Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve been awake since this morning. On a holiday. Where lots of food is involved. Now, this is partially because I wanted to spend time with Nugget. This is also partially because, during her naps, I wanted to spend time interacting with people who can speak in something more than squeals and drools (and, lest I forget, flatulence). I mean, sure, napping at the same time as Nugget could be kind of nice, and would definitely be relaxing, but I do still need to have moments where I do adult things, with adult people (or whatever close approximation of adult people I can get).

It’s been a fantastic day, and a wonderful day of thanks. I want to thank all of you who have taken moments to read, share, comment, mock, poke fun at, or just brush against this little online street corner that I’ve created. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to talk about the Nugget, and all of the other random things that I’ve written about.

Now, seriously dessert is going to be served any moment, and I need my hands free. Um, I mean, so I can cuddle with Nugget. Right, cuddle, not eat dessert.

Man, it’s a good thing we’re around family.


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