The Nugget Chronicles: Inward Screeching

Over the past few months, Nugget has been practicing noises. I know that she’s working on figuring out words, but, for now, noises are really all she’s got. Whether it be the squeals of joy that all babies seem to do, or the echoing cries that all babies definitely do, Nugget has taken to them with gusto. Especially at the end of a long day, when HawtWife and I were really hoping she’d fall asleep, Nugget will start chattering, making sure that whatever point she can possibly make is heard far and wide.

Well, not that far and wide. She’s got a fairly quiet little voice most of the time, so when we CAN hear her from a couple of rooms away, we know she’s serious.

Anyway, she’d recently learned how to make a new sound, and it’s one that, honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of. Of course, this just makes Nugget do it more often, and it makes HawtWife laugh at me while she’s doing it, so, really, in that aspect, I’m down 2-1 (the dog doesn’t mind it either, but she doesn’t get a vote). What’s Nugget’s new noise, you might be wondering? Well, it’s “inward screeching”. Instead of the standard out-bound screeching that she’s been doing, and that I’ve become accustomed to, she has recently discovered that she can make a similar noise when she’s sucking air in. To me, this sounds like my child is wheezing. To apparently everyone around me, I’m a crazy person, as Nugget is clearly just working on a new skill.

Look, I’m all in favor of my daughter learning new skills, and I do appreciate the humor of her developing something specifically to freak dad out. After all, that’s part of what’s required by being a baby. Still, she has somehow found a way to not only make the noise, but she can do it with far more volume than her outward sounds. And she has a tendency to do it until she knows that I’m paying an appropriate level of attention to her, at which point she’ll burst out into her tiny little attempts at giggling before returning to the wailing inward screech.

Yes, the Nugget is already working on her comedic timing. I can’t really say I’m all that surprised.


One thought on “The Nugget Chronicles: Inward Screeching

  1. Daddy on a string.

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