The Nugget Chronicles: Just Keep Growing

Before Nugget was even born, HawtWife and I had a nickname for her that we would use on our twitter accounts to talk about her (because we were trying to be sneaky about her actual name and all that jazz). That nickname? HulkBaby. Mostly because, according to the doctors, she just kept being bigger than they expected for how many months along. Well, that, and because I had a serious concern that she was going to get angry, spring out from HawtWife in a very gruesome way, while looking green and wearing tiny purple pants.

Now that I look back on it all, the green and purple pants were missing. We’ve since fixed the pants situation, but I’m apparently not allowed to paint my child green. Because HawtWife is a fun hater.

Anyway, we’ve continued to refer to Nugget as a HulkBaby. There was a while where we didn’t actually do so, but that was mostly because we hadn’t had a lot of previous experience with other little ones of the age that she was. That quickly changed when we started spending time with other new parents (or parents having a new child to compliment an older one). Most of the kids that we’ve introduced Nugget to have been older than she is.

And smaller. So much smaller.

See, our precious little girl isn’t quite so little. In fact, according to the charts about expected growth for newborns, she isn’t growing like a girl at all. She’s growing like a boy. She’s currently off the charts in height and weight for girls, but well within them if she had been born with a little penis (truth be told, I’m glad she wasn’t, and not just because I didn’t want to have to use a little tent every time I changed a diaper). Now I know it’s still early in her development, and odds are good that she’ll slow down in her growing, but the kid is just building towards being tall. And solid.

In other words, somehow, it seems like HawtWife and I may have accidentally, but happily, created a future roller derby player. Or future basketball star. Or just a future tall woman, who will be able to beat up the boys.

In the meantime, I’m totally thinking about putting together baby fight clubs. After all, Nugget’s got reach and weight over a lot of kids in her age range.


2 thoughts on “The Nugget Chronicles: Just Keep Growing

  1. First rule of baby fight club…

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