The Nugget Chronicles: Let Me Grab That For You

Quick, ask yourself what is wriggly, has a lot of tinier, wrigglier, more opposable parts, and will try and fit everything it can get those smaller parts on into it’s mouth?

If you answered “baby”, you’re possibly related to one. Don’t worry, though. If you answered “Cthulhu”, you’re still my kind of person.


Who’s a cute little Ancient One? Yes, you are!

Over the past few weeks, HawtWife and I have noticed that Nugget has taken a greater and greater interest in her hands. This is completely fair, as they are pretty darned amazing (clearly, I’m biased, but I’m wondering if there are a lot of baby hand models out there). She’s figured out that they’re attached, and, even better, that they can help her grab things. Naturally, because of this grasping instinct, HawtWife is starting to wear her hair up more often than not, and I’ve toyed with the idea of keeping my beard trimmed into a fashionable 5 o’clock shadow (which takes me 5 days to fully manifest).

Not that Nugget is only grabbing hair. Her bibs (she’s turned into quite the epic drooler) are getting clutched and then pulled over her face, thereby saving us the trouble of remembering all of the rules to Peek-a-Boo. Shirts find themselves tangled in her fingers, which is, personally, great so long as she’s grabbing HawtWife’s shirts (what? She’s called HawtWife for a reason… that, and I’m pretty darned shameless). Nugget has figured out that she can prop bottles up with these little appendages, and, if she gets a good grip on an adult finger, she can use these neat little hands to steer that finger directly into her mouth, so as to better cover it in slobber.

When she isn’t trying to hide or stuff her face, there have been plenty of moments where Nugget has just stared at her hands, amazed at these little things on the end of her arms. Her expression during these moments is priceless, and it reminds me of nights working security, seeing people running around on experimental drugs, trying to convince me that they know what the color green tastes like.

The difference here? When Nugget tells me that, I’ll believe her. I swear that kid is magic.


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