The Nugget Chronicles: Jekyll and Hyde

I have to admit, HawtWife and I got pretty lucky in the whole baby department. Not only did we get a precious, adorable little angel, one who has provided us with far more entertainment than we ever anticipated, but we got one that’s in fairly good spirits the vast majority of the time. While she definitely has her moments, for the most part, if the Nugget is awake, she’s either looking inquisitively at the world around her, or she’s smiling her big toothless smile at it. I can only imagine how amazing that smile will look when she gets teeth, unless she develops shark teeth. In which case, well, I’ll be a little frightened, but it’ll still probably be pretty darned cool.

That isn’t to say that she doesn’t have her moods. She does. After all, Nugget is still both a baby, and a living breathing human (I checked for a battery pack, and if it’s there, it’s incredibly well-concealed, so I’m guessing that she isn’t a robot. I haven’t ruled out cyborg yet). With both of those qualities comes a very interesting thing that I’ve noticed. Now, I’m not sure if all babies have this same kind of pattern, but I’ve watched it and been amazed by it enough times to know that Nugget has it down.

It’s a sort of baby Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.

For those that aren’t familiar with the concept, first off, I blame your lack of a well-rounded liberal arts education, and then I suggest that you spend some time on the internet, searching for results (just be careful of Rule 34). It’s cool. I’ll wait.

Oh, shoot. While waiting, she passed through like five different emotions.

Anyway, Nugget has this magical quality where, at the drop of a hat, she’ll completely change her mood. I’ve watched it personally as she’s gone from dead-to-the-world asleep to intensely angry about something (my guess is either her stomach being empty, or her bladder being recently emptied, which are both pretty safe guesses in the realm of babies). I’ve seen her go from full on tears, to smiling and bouncing. I’ve observed her stare with rapt attention to her hands to, um, continuing to stare with rapt attention to her hands (in her defense, they are pretty darned amazing right now).

In fact, I distinctly remember one moment where she was alternating from tears to smiles, based entirely on whether or not she was looking to her right (at me), or to the left (at a lamp). And I’m trying not to be jealous, but she really loved that lamp.

Now I know that babies, especially early on in their development, are still forming a concept of permanence, and that certainly extends to their emotions. After all, if Nugget hasn’t yet quite gotten the grasp of things still being there when she isn’t looking at them, then why would she get all tangled up in feelings that can also be fleeting. Especially if it leads to her returning to her general personality, which, as I’ve mentioned above, is pretty content with the world.

Naturally, the back of my mind is already wondering if she’s trying out these tactics not because she’s actually upset, but because she’s trying to get a gauge from HawtWife and I as to how she can get us to do things she wants. No. No, that can’t be the case. After all, where on earth would she be learning the subtle arts of manipulation at this early age?

Looks like I’m going to have to show that lamp who’s boss.


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