The Nugget Chronicles: Rolling Thunder

Over the weekend, Nugget had her first experience rolling over. We’ve been making sure to give her plenty of tummy time, so that she can get big and strong. After all, there’s just no point in calling her a HulkBaby if she doesn’t get strong (even though we already don’t really like her when she’s angry). So, naturally, rolling over was just bound to happen at some point, and that point first happened this weekend. Of course, I wasn’t around to see it, but HawtWife was kind enough (and quick enough) to capture one of her rolls on video, so I got to watch it, belatedly, from afar.


I didn’t even realize she’d already put on this many miles.

What follows is what I assume to be her thought process with regards to rolling over. This thought process is entirely based off of her facial expressions, which I would like to believe I’m getting a handle on reading.

“Okay… I’m on my stomach again. This is alright. I mean, I can stretch and look around. Oh, hey, look, I’m using these arm things to push myself up. This is pretty neat.”

Mere seconds later…

“Um, I take it back. I take it all back. Being face down is just no good. I’ve got a mouthful of blanket. If I’d chosen this, I’d be fine, but I didn’t choose this. The food lady chose this for me. I’ll show her.”

A bit of gentle rocking towards her side starts happening.

“I am SO ANGRY at the blanket right now! I will push myself away as hard as I can, and show the floor who’s boss. Oh, hey, I’m starting to get some more distance from the floor, which is alright. I can get behind this.”

Inevitably, a faceplant back to the earth occurs.

“Okay, floor. I’ve had enough of you messing with me. Here, I’m going to push super hard now!”

That push is enough to get Nugget onto her side.

“My arms are on fire, and I can still see the floor. Nothing is right in my world!”

She finishes the rollover, suddenly on her back, staring up at HawtWife.

“Oh, hey. Neat. I can see everything again. And I’m pretty sure that floor is nowhere near me. I’m the queen of all that I survey! This is awesome!”

Now, it’s a new skill, so she hasn’t been able to remember how to roll herself over again since Saturday, but she’ll get it. The relief that washed over her face once she was on her back was amazing to see. Hopefully, the next time she figures out how to go from face-down to face-up, I’ll be around to see it.

I mean, I’m hoping she gets it soon. Otherwise, I’m going to keep looking for the “X” button to flip the baby.


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