The Nugget Chronicles: Mirror Mirror

We’ve recently started introducing Nugget to mirrors. Not because we expect that she will spend hours and hours per day staring into them (we figure that can wait until she’s a teenager, and we’ll become thankful for a second bathroom). Instead, we’re just trying to get her an idea of being able to recognize herself and her movements when seen from an outside perspective.

I’m not entirely sure it’s working.

Of course, she is only 10 weeks old, so maybe, just maybe, I’m holding ridiculously high expectations for her. And she has certainly had interactions with the mirrors. I’m just not sure she’s recognizing herself quite yet.

Instead, when face-to-face with a mirror, Nugget goes through a bit of a progression in what she does. First, she looks at the mirror version of Daddy, and tries to figure out how he can be there while he’s also holding her. I mean, she knows that Daddy’s got her, but then there’s this other Daddy that she can see, who is clearly also holding a tiny little person (and it isn’t Warwick Davis). Then, after either solving that conundrum or just deciding to ignore it, she moves on to her own reflection.

This is really where the fun begins. Because, again, I’m confident that she doesn’t recognize the mirror as anything other than a sort of door. So she sees the mirror Nugget, and she reacts like she does with other babies. She smiles. She babbles. She reaches out and tries to touch the image. Sure, she’s a little confused as to how MirrorNugget wants to do the exact same things at the exact same time, but hey, she’s a baby. She’s rolling with it.

And then comes a moment where she decides that she wants to get up close and personal. She wants to show that other baby who’s boss.

She attempts to headbutt the mirror.

To be clear, she hasn’t been headbutting other children that she’s met. And it’s entirely possible that the headbutt is just a result of her neck being tired. But, without fail, she’ll pitch forward and try to slam foreheads against her mirror image.

We’ve kept her from actually making contact up to this point, but, eventually, she’ll be crawling. Or she’ll be running. Or, as unlikely as it might seem, the first time she’s mobile will come when she straps roller skates onto her feet and goes for miles. Either way, by that point, we’re really hoping that Nugget has realized that the mirror is just a reflection, showing her physical appearance back to her. And that, hopefully, the headbutting will have stopped.

Otherwise she’ll have a lot of bad luck ahead of her, and we’ll spend days picking mirror shards out of our daughter’s clothes. I mean, I’d almost rather have a decade of poopy diapers than that.


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